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My Diet :)

I think the veideo say more than me writting..

Time to celebrate everything!

It is amazing... Holidays are here.. Since Halloween we didn't stop and more and more celebrations coming... Just when I finally put myself on a big challenge to lose my weight. I was going good and I lost .. just 8pounds... but now things will change.. My boss and I are in a friendly competition. I really don't care if it is friendly... but i don't like to be the losser so I need to work out and do my healthy diet (everytday).

As i mention before, the holidays make my challenge really hard, but i keep going. I finally posted a video of me, with all my overweight... I feel bad to see myself in that weight, but I need to force myself to lose the weight.. and feeling ashame, is making me keep going.

Yesterday was my husband birthday, i promissed to him cook a very traditional food from Bolivia, so I had to wake up very early to buy the ingredients and cook. My work schedule was from 1pm to 12 am, and my lunch time was at 7pm.. So that gives you an idea how much I was running from one place to another to have everything ready :P

Anyway.. here is the video with the recipie if you wanna try some day.. Kisses

No Laundry for me ;)

Usually my days off begins in the same way: Let the doggs go to the back yard to play, get some tea, computer (check mails, videos, news and play a little of my computer game.. it always change.. since a month ago I came back to WOW).

After the lazy time I collected all the dirty clothe to do my laundry so everything will be ready to be ironed at the night while I watch a movie. This time I was not able to do it... My washer machine is broken... I was feeling myself like Shelton (I think is the way to write the name).. The geek guy from The Big Bang Theory, If you didn't see that tv serie before.. This guy has a rutine for each day of the week, he is a control freak.. so if something moves out of the rutine he can freak out. He always sits in the same side of the sofa,etc... Anyway... I had my Sheldon moment.. when instead of be worried about fix or get a new washer machine, I was walking around thinking how I will complete my day...Silly me.

Well, after all the drama, my husband arrived and of course he just said.. "Tomorrow we get a new one". Funny.. after that I stoped of worry about the laundry.. until I went late to the bedroom and I notice that I pulled also the blanket out of bed to be washed.... Of course, now I have the sheets but my blanket is wet at the washer machine... drama on my head again... I better take a nice tea and relax...

Actually ... believe or not I went for my cup of tea, I got distracted and I came after 15 minutes to finish this journal entry... I think the tea was good idea, very relaxing. Now i will go to bed and I will leave here a video that i am watching right now and I love... Good night♥


Sometimes we need a little scary situation to really re think everything that we are doing with our life. Sometimes a healthy diet is not all that we need.. There is another factors that affect our health... The worse enemy of this century: "Stress".

The last time that I wrote my journal I was not feeling myself so good. Days before I was feeling so much pain in my back and desperated I was wishing to have a nice massage to relax. The muscle relax pill didnt helped and I kept going and going until that day. At night I began to feel a little pain in my left side of the chest and a little in my shoulder... I tought: "I played too many hours my computer game, maybe that is the reason". The next morning I kept with the same pain, and the same tought... So i went to work. At work my heart began to get a little accelerated and then i began to think that maybe I was better idea visit the doctor. I went to the hospital and after 4 hours that they kept me there, they told me that was a miocardio... something, just an advise to stop a little and relax.

I tought what happen and I realized that I need to relax a little. I was going so good, just having fun here and making my videos... Then I came back in my workaholic mood and I was running like crazy all the time. I need to stop and just go a little more slow. It is time to take things a little more calm and not so personal... No more 12 hrs shift just because i want something done in the perfect way.

Well going to the fun part... I was under whatever they gave that moment that i arrived to the hospital and I took pics of me LOL... I also publish on my facebook and then when i realized what I did I took the pictures out... silly me.. but i will post here just to remind me that life is more than work and stress...


I can't believe how the days turned from sunny to cloudy  just the day that Fall's begin. But Autumn is a wonderful season... The walks under those becutiful colors, I love how the trees change from green into orange / red / yellow... Hear the crunch of the dead leaves while you are walking, the smell of the pines in the rain, the wet streets, I think it is an awsome season.. plus it comes with so many celebrations for me. First the change of colors and decoration at home (i love decorate my home :P). Then Halloween.. kids running to my door asking for candies... More than adorable, more when you get the little ones that are so scared of say the words "Trick or Treat" for first time. Scary movies with some nice fast food. And then again change of decoration.. no more spooky things, back to the earthy colors... In few will be Rick's B-day and then for the last days of Autumn my B-day... just like a prelude for the winter.... Life never stop... Why we will stop of enjoy it :)

It is a short entry, i wasn't feeling so good this morning, some kind of presure over my chest, but not, it is not a heart attack, it is muscles... i am so stressed. A lot of things going on at work and put a lot of presure over me. I will explain later about. I will leave a video that i made with some short images that i captured everyday... I was not able to do too much, but now i am decided to relax again and get this stress out of my body :P  Work is good but it doesn't worth stress myself in this way just to make always a perfect job... Kisses!

OMG!! 5th year!!

It is my 5th year living here, the 5th year married is tomorrow, my beutiful doggy is 5 years old... It looks like I changed of life 5 years ago!... Well, not because was necesity.. It was because everything came together. I feel good about the changes, I feel happy.

My entries in the journal to tlak about my every day are very shorts and not often, I wish have the time to do it better and tell all my good friends how life is going here. I hope the videos are helping to show a little about that... I combine things that I love on my videos.. video cameras, crafting, movies on the background, etc...

So, i will post here some of my last videos... Anyway, tomorrow I have to work from 8 am to 5 pm.. after that I need to rush, get a shower, and get ready for a nice romantic dinner. My hubby has reservations on a nice restaurant and the last that I want is be late for that... I will do a little video of what I am doing tomorrow... For now i am out of the computer to hidde my hubby's present and card in his lounch box, so he will have a surprise when he open it tomorrow :D

Have a great night!!  Xoxo

Internet is back!!!!

OK.. i am not sure how geeks are you guys.. But come on.. Internet is really importan :P.. I do so many thing with Internet: shopping, watch videos, comunicate with friends and family, etc. So, a week without Internet was a nightmare. Of course, I have a crazy schedule I should be taking advantage of my extra time out of the computer.. etc etc.. But nope... Also while i paint, craft or iron in my den, I have something on my computer going on.. can be maybe old muvies that you find in youtube (by the way.. I watched last night "Polyanna".. old disney movie.. I loved!). So yes, I am an Internet addict.

I don't have today too much time to upload all my videos, so I did only with the oldest one, just to share a little of what I was doing. It is a very short and kinda shaky video walking close to the river with Grace and Heidi.. You can't imagine how crazy can be film a video in my phone, walking and also holding two dogs that from time to time wanna walk faster or just stay in some spot sniffing around... I will upload later or tomorrow other ones around my neighborhood with them.. Autum is here and the colors in the streets are changing... I love see all the reds, oranges, yellows... walk and hear the leaves on my feet.... Time to rush, shower, clothes, makeup and pack lunch for work... Have a wonderful day!!!! ☼

My Internet is a mess!

I am having huge problems with my Internet. it is going so slow. We called Frontier, that is our provider and they didn't anything to fix it. The first time that my husband called, they try to convince him that our internet was ok, that we better do a scan virus.. We knew that we don't have virus in any of our 3 computers but we did anyway. The next day, after search and see how we were losing in real.. let me think.. I think my husband said "pakages" .. honestly I don't remember good what he said.. he knows about computers more than me. Anyway.. frontier admited that something was wrong, they promissed to fix it the next day... nope, they didn't and it is our 5th day in the same way.. So now my husband told me that he will cancel that service, get one much better that will let me also upload faster my youtube videos... I am so happy about that!

Just to show you what happen the las time I uploaded my video (yesterday) took me 10 hours and my video uploaded with some weird things making the quality so poor... :(

OK.. time to go and work.. I will write later about my weekend.. was really good :) Hugs ♥


I didn't log here in long time and a lot of things going on... first.. I am moving to a new Departament, from Paint Dep to Hardware. I know sounds kinda wied.. a girl being the Dh of a manly departament. It is a challenge for me. Tomorrow will be my first day.. I am excited and in the same time soo so soooo nervous. I notice that alot of people is looking at me like.. Humm.. she is a girl..  I can see in their face that they expect me to fail... I can't do it.. I will not fail. I will work so hard to get everybody disapointed that I didn't fail.

I feel little sad to leave my emplyees.. They were also good work friends and we were more team than employee -boss situation. I am not sure what is expecting me.

OK i will relax a little and just try to not think more about that. I knwo i didn't share too much here in long time, but I was posting videos that I will link here. I don't have a lot of viewers, but I keep recording and uploading them. I think makes me feel good. It is like preserving memories for the future. I tought about... I don't have kids and not really anybody here that will really remember me for ever.. So I tought.. maybe some day in the future one gran grand niece will think: "who was Natalia?... How was her life?".. well.. the videos will be like a little biography of me. Maybe a silly one LOL.

I am happy.. I never tought that someday I will say that.. I always tought that happines was something different.. but not. I am blessed with a wonderful husband, a nice little house that I enjoy to decorate and fix, my babies (pets) that give me so much to enjoy, work that challenge my body and my brain to keep going on and a lot of simple things that I love to do. I think my videos are just the way to preserve this for at least long time :)

And yes.. my english.. I still working on it.. and fixing my accent few by few :)

Mini vacations over

I think i enjoy every second of this 4 days of relax.. I feel renovated and ready to keep going... Maybe later i will wish not say that lol, but it is nice to have days of complete relax without work in your mind or your body.

My last day was a date out with my hubby. We went to a Mall for some shopping (he really doesn't like go to the malls to do shopping, but he knows that I don't have so many friends so he spend time with me also doing that things) and after the shoppings we had a nice dinner together.

We really got exhausted after all the walk and a nice meal... But we had time together that it is sometimes hard to get...