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No Laundry for me ;)

Usually my days off begins in the same way: Let the doggs go to the back yard to play, get some tea, computer (check mails, videos, news and play a little of my computer game.. it always change.. since a month ago I came back to WOW).

After the lazy time I collected all the dirty clothe to do my laundry so everything will be ready to be ironed at the night while I watch a movie. This time I was not able to do it... My washer machine is broken... I was feeling myself like Shelton (I think is the way to write the name).. The geek guy from The Big Bang Theory, If you didn't see that tv serie before.. This guy has a rutine for each day of the week, he is a control freak.. so if something moves out of the rutine he can freak out. He always sits in the same side of the sofa,etc... Anyway... I had my Sheldon moment.. when instead of be worried about fix or get a new washer machine, I was walking around thinking how I will complete my day...Silly me.

Well, after all the drama, my husband arrived and of course he just said.. "Tomorrow we get a new one". Funny.. after that I stoped of worry about the laundry.. until I went late to the bedroom and I notice that I pulled also the blanket out of bed to be washed.... Of course, now I have the sheets but my blanket is wet at the washer machine... drama on my head again... I better take a nice tea and relax...

Actually ... believe or not I went for my cup of tea, I got distracted and I came after 15 minutes to finish this journal entry... I think the tea was good idea, very relaxing. Now i will go to bed and I will leave here a video that i am watching right now and I love... Good night♥


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Nov. 16th, 2012 11:41 am (UTC)
May this will be your biggest trouble! (the waching machine). Take care, Nat!
Nov. 16th, 2012 08:30 pm (UTC)
hahhaa sorry the mistake.. fixing it now :P
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