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14 December
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I was a loner.. with thousand of friends... Then I changed my life, moved to a new country and faced new challenges. I learned how importan is not be alone in life, I learned to trust in the right people and protect myself from what is not right. I fell, I hurt myself and then I walked again.

I love to do so many things and i have so many hobbies... All depends of my mood. somedays i just wanna relax playing computer games, others just movies or reading, if it is rainning and cold I love to do crafttings like: knit, scrapbook or paint. If it is sunny I love to walk around my cute neighborhood with my dogs, do garden, lay under the sun or just sit on my porch with my dogs reading a book. All also depends of my work schedule that usually changes from one day to another.

I am architect with a Master degree in Urban resourses... but since i move to USA (married with amering hot man), I am just working in a retail store close to home... It began like just something to do to not be all day at home and then I finish as DH there.. I have to accept.. I am a workaholic.

My english is not the best, everyday i learn a new word.. oh yes it doesn't mean that i learn also how to pronounse in the best way.. In my mind usually I do, but for the others my thick accent mades that words sound different :P This blog is my way to improve my english grammar.. push me to check dictionaries and to verify if what I write is a real english word... And yes.. I still making thousand mistakes. So, please forgive me if I have a bad english here and I will be glad to have it fixed in your comments... Hugs ♥